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The Silver Dollar Court has been awarding the Nathan Leipold Memorial Scholarship since 2002. The current scholarship started in 1990 by Empress Delilah in memory of longtime promoter Mr/Miss/Ms Gay Reno Pageant , Nathan Leipold (aka Empress ½, VIII and XIV Natalie). Empress Natalie originally started the scholarship in Nevada as part of the Mr/Ms/Miss Gay Reno pageant in 1978. The scholarship was passed down to Emperor Larry and Empress Delilah, who subsequently asked the Silver Dollar Court to assume the scholarship in Empress Natalie’s memory., naming it the Nathan Leipold Memorial Scholarship. It is the oldest GLBTIQA specific scholarship in the state of Nevada.

In the past, the scholarship has been usually awarded annually at the Silver Dollar Court’s annual Coronation, a celebration of the year that was and the year that shall be held in June of each year. Applications were taken each year starting in April. Applicants were to write a letter stating their involvement with Human Rights issues and what their goals are in the future. A committee would meet to review the applications and decide a recipient(s). The scholarships have varied over the years based on the funds that are available. Since its inception, the Empress Natalie Scholarship has bequeathed thousands of dollars to students to help in their higher education.

Today, the SDC Board of Trustees is working with the University of Nevada, Reno to establish a scholarship through the University. By the SDC providing a $10,000 endowment, recipients will be awarded now through the University. More details to come.

Questions regarding the Scholarship can be directed to the current President of the Board or through the University of Nevada, Reno.