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Ducal Houses of the Silver Dollar Court

The Ducal House of the Silver Dollar Court was created by proclamation of Empress VI Terry Taylor to assist the Emperor and Empress and provide an additional fund raising source for the charities of the social and philantrophic organization. The First Ducal Ball was held in January 1984 during the eighth reign of Emperor Carl “Pinky” Collins and Empress Natalie.

Reign I

Grand Duke I “The Rainbow Grand Duke” Ray Showers
Grand Duchess I “The Heart Grand Duchess” Iola Salbacka

Reign II

Grand Duke II “The Eagle Grand Duke” Ed Martin
Grand Duchess II “The Butterfly Grand Duchess” Karen Riggs

Reign III

Grand Duke III “The Crab Grand Duke” Jackie LaRiviere
Grand Duchess III “The Hula Girl Grand Duchess” Hawaiian Jackie

Reign IV

Grand Duke IV “The Nurse Grand Duke” Phil Ragsdale
Grand Duchess IV “The Black Widow Grand Duchess” Lulu

Reign V

Grand Duke V “The Boo Boo Grand Duke” Eddie Kuster
Grand Duchess V “The Peacock Grand Duchess” Claudia

Reign VI

Grand Duke VI “The Unicorn Grand Duke” Doug AKA Soph
Grand Duchess VI “The Champagne Love Grand Duchess” Christy Love

Reign VII

Grand Duke VII “The Top Hat and Tails Grand Duke” Carlos Brito
Grand Duchess VII “The Black Panther Grand Duchess” Lauren Michaels

Reign VIII

Grand Duke VIII “The Kangaroo Grand Duke” Joe Drake
Grand Duchess VIII “The Black Widow Grand Duchess” Lulu

Reign IX

Grand Duchess IX “The Jessica Rabbit Grand Duchess” Jessica

Reign X

Grand Duke X “The Rags to Riches Grand Duke” James Stark
Grand Duchess X “The Grandma Grand Duchess” Rikki Romman

Reign XI

Grand Duke XI “The Penguin Grand Duke” Dennis Seguin
Grand Duchess XI “The Rainbow of Love Grand Duchess” Denise DeLago

Reign XII

Grand Duke XII “The Sequined Hat Grand Duke” Randy Glass
Grand Duchess XII “The I don’t work without a net Grand Duchess” Cherie Kimsey

Reign XIII

Grand Duke XIII “The Care Bear Grand Duke” Scott McCoy
Grand Duchess XIII “Essence of Ebony Grand Duchess” Justice Ebony Dupree

Reign XIV

Grand Duke XIV “The Sapphire Blue Grand Duke” Earl Smith
Grand Duchess XIV “The Southern Belle Grand Duchess” Dixie Sugarbaker

Reign XV

The Council of Grand Dukes & Duchesses XV Ducal House

Reign XVI

Grand Duke XVI “The Double Ace Tigger Grand Duke” Paul Yoder
Grand Duchess XVI “The Green Acres Blond Bombshell Grand Duchess” Zaza Nomo

Reign XVII

Grand Duke XVII “The Third Times a Charm Grand Duke” Julie Maher
Grand Duchess XVII “The Pride of the Pink & Red Ribbons Grand Duchess” Lei Miona Davenport


Grand Duke XVIII “The Arctic White Wolf Grand Duke” Shawn Cook
Grand Duchess XVIII “The Wonderland Fantasy Grand Duchess” Mona Lott

Reign XIX

Grand Duchess XIX “The Goddess of Glitz & Glam Grand Duchess” Felicia Jewel Halston
19th Elected Grand Duke Jerry Tholl
Regent Grand Duke David Courtney Corn

Reign XX

Grand Duke XX “The Velvet Dragon Grand Duke” Jame’ Van Scott

Reign XXI

Grand Duke XXI “The Black Jack Grand Duke” “Woody”
Grand Duchess XXI “The Black Jack Grand Duchess” Sandy Dee

Reign XXII

Grand Duke XXII “The Effervescent and Sparkling Blue Cyrstal” The Lovely Paco LaChoy
Grand Duchess XXII “The Unipeg Grand Duchess” Wendy


The Council of Grand Dukes & Duchesses XXIII Ducal House

Reign XXIV

Grand Duke XXIV “The Leather, Feathers and Lace Grand Duke” Glenn Prather
Grand Duchesses XXIV “The Leather, Feathers and Lace Grand Duchess” Julia

Reign XXV

Grand Duke XXV “The Silver Jubilee Spirit of the Eagle Grand Duke” Eagle James
Grand Duchesses XXV “The Silver Jubilee White Dove Grand Duchess” Denise Dei Martis

Reign XXVI

Grand Duke XXVI “Celestial Diamond Lion” Cowboy John
Grand Duchess XXVI “Celestial Diamond Lioness” Lilian


27th Elected Grand Duke Alan Crawford
27th Elected Grand Duchess Darci Alison


Grand Duke XXVIII “The Mystic Fire Topaz Scorpion Grand Duke” Vince Pablo
Grand Duchess XXVIII “The Darkest Jewel in the ICS, The Black Diamond Grand Duchess” Savannah Jewel Halston

Reign XXIX

Grand Duchess XXIX Reba Ryanns

Reign XXX

The Council of Grand Dukes & Duchesses XXX Ducal House

Reign XXXI

Grand Duke XXXI Robbie Ashley