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The Following Candidates are:

  • Sharpay Evens
  • Harley Quenched

The following are running for the board:

  • Chelsea Novak
  • Joshua’s Lewis – “Shania Taint”
  • Robert Douglas – “Bubbles”
  • Stephen Daugherty – “Glammer”
  • William Miller – “Billo”

Please Bring

Proof, in the form of official certification that the voter is eighteen (18) or older.
Proof of current residency in territory of the Silver Dollar Court, Inc

*No write in candidates are allowed and if there is a “write in” then the ballot is void.

Absentee Voting 
Absentee voting shall be used when an individual is unable to physically make it to the voting polls due to being out of town, hospitalization, for health reasons or at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. The absentee voter will write their voting choice(s) on a piece of paper along with a photo copy of proof of residency as outlined above, placed into an envelope, and sealed. The voter is to sign their name on the envelope, with the envelope then given to or mailed to the President of the Board of Trustees at least one week before voting is to take place or at the discretion of the Executive Committee. This envelope is to then be placed into the locked ballot box and after voting, this envelope should be given to the Secretary of the Board as part of the voting registration.

Please see the current Policies & Procedures or email info@renosdc.org for details on voting.

Sharpay 2021